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The Salesians began their apostolate in the city of Mumbai in 1928; they spread to other places in Maharashtra and to Goa, and eventually parts of western India.

In 1969, the Bombay-Goa territory became a «visitatory» under the of Fr Dennis Duarte.
The Salesian Province of Mumbai was officially established on 1972 under the patronage of St Francis Xavier; Fr Dennis Duarte provincial.


P Dennis Duarte 1972-1975
P Mauro Casarotti 1975
P Tony D’Souza 1976-1982
P Chrysanthus Saldanha 1982-1988
P Loddy Pires 1988-1994
P Joaquim D’Souza 1994-1996
P Tony D’Souza 1996-2002
P Ivo Coelho 2002-2008
P Michael Fernandes 2008-2013
P Godfrey D'Souza 2013