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Rome Street, in Boretto. Basilica of S. Marco

Rome Street, one of the main streets in Artemide’s hometown. At present with a population of 4,000. This photograph is from the time when the Zatti family lived there.

Salesian community of the Don Bosco school in Bahía Blanca. 1897

On May 27th 1897 John Bosco school was inaugurated at 156 Vieytes Street. The Salesian community which Artemide joined moved there.

This photograph was taken on February 4th 1897

From left to right (seated): Fr. John Baptist Tosi (considered the founder of The Piety School), Fr. Peter Bonacina, "Colorado's Angel," founder of the Fort Mercedes School, Fr. Miguel Borghino (founder of the Order of Salesians in Bay Bianca), Mons. John Cagliero (Apostolic Vicar of Patagonia), Fr. Zacarias Genghini (the first of the Salesians to receive the habit in Patagonia, missionary apostle in the Indian reservations of Indian chiefs Cotaro, Namuncura, Sayhueque), Fr. Jose Maria Brentana (great missionary priest from the Upper Valley of the Rio Negro and Neuquen), Fr. Carlos Cavalli (Spiritual Director of Artemide).

Standing first row, Cleric José Bottari, Cleric Pedro Vespignani, Fr. Estanislao Cynalewsky and Fr. José Hellestern (recently ordained priests), Cleric Alfonso Lovesio and Cleric Jorge Ortiz.

Standing second row: Brs Manuel Méndez, Carlos Rosetti, Juan Narciso Da Deppo, NN.

Photograph of the Zatti family in Bernal. 1899

This photograph of 1899 was taken before Artemide went to the seminary of Bernal. He was 19.

Foreground (from left to right): Herminio, Florinella, Dona Albina Vecchi (mother), Delfina, Don Luis Zatti (father) and Teresa.

Behind: IIdegarda, Artemide, Pompeo and Eliseo.

Salesians of the San Francisco de Sales College in Viedma. 1910

The Salesians of the school of St. Francisco de Sales of Viedma, with the provincial, on February 15th 1910.

Seated (left to right): Fr. Bernard Bottino, Fr. John Beraldi, Fr. Luis Bosco Director (founder of the Salesian Work of John Bosco in Mendoza), Jose Vespignani (Province I member of the Higher Chapter) Angel Veneroni, Fr. Evasio Garrone ('The Doctor Father” [Doc] ).

Standing: Br.Vicente Martini, CI. Honorary Calvary, CI. Anthony Towers ?, CI. Peter Savani, Fr. Joseph M. Brittany, CI. Alfred Perassi, Br. Romelius Garda, Fr. Sunday Ugo ?

2nd row: Brs. Antonio Patriarca, Juan Cartella, Carlos Sessa "Carlin", Juan Borello (musician), Jacinto Massini, Santiago Sikora, Luis Lanza.

Above: John Bacis, John Jedrick, Artemide Zatti, Mark Compare, Jose Albertotti (enologist), Luis Veneroni.

Hospital room. P. Evasio Garrone attending the pharmacy

Fr. Evasio Garrone (known as “Padre Dotor” [Doc]) serving the Hospital pharmacy – Later it would be Artemide’s job.

Former women's room of the San José Hospital. First decade of the 20th century

Women’s ward in St. José Hospital. First decade XX century.

Don Zatti at the Pharmacy

Br. Zatti made his perpetual profession on February 18th 1911, and, from then on, he was partially in charge of the Hospital. In 1913 he assumed the total direction and responsibility.

San Jose Hospital

In the right we can see the house where Fr. Evasio Garrone started the “San José” Hospital. On the left, and still under construction the new building designed by Br. Artemide Zatti and built by Br. Antonio Patriarca.

Salesian staff of the San José Hospital. 1916

Salesian staff of “San José ” Hospital. Photograph dated May 16th 1916. Standing: Br. Zatti. Sitting (Ieft to right): Br. Juan Castel la, Fr. Andrés Pestarino and Br. Angel Mori.

Don Zatti with his mother. 1917

Artemide Zatti, to comfort his “Santa vecchietta”, (as he used to call his mother), for his father’s death in 1917, spent some days at her home at 387 Sarmiento St., Bahía Blanca.

San José Hospital operating room. Zatti, Harostegui and Pietrafaccia

Operating theatre of the old Hospital of Viedma. On the left Br. Zatti, Dr. Domingo Harostegui (2) and Dr. Francisco Pietrafaccia

Superiors and brothers gathered in Viedma for the Spiritual Exercises 1902

Br. Zatti and nurse Br. Manuel Vargas with “products from the farm” in 1925.

Don Zatti and the nurse Manuel Vargas. 1925

Br. Zatti and nurse Br. Manuel Vargas with “products from the farm” in 1925.

Zatti with Santos Zatti on first. 1928

On December 22nd 1928, he sent this photograph to his family, where he poses with his cousin Santos.

Don Zatti in the operating room with Dr. Domingo Harostegui. 1936

1936. Br. Zatti (on the right) working while Dr. Harostegui is operating.

Don Zatti at the Catholic Action assembly luncheon. 1938

1938. Lunch held on that occasion. Among others: 3rd. on the left (standing) Br. Zatti.

Zatti in the corridor of the Hospital. 1940

1940, to the left (2nd) Br. Zatti, (3rd) Br. Bielawsky. Fr. Evasio Garrone’s bronze bust can be seen on the right.

Don Zatti with the macrocephalic child. 1940

Br. Artemide with a macrocephalic boy, whom he looked after until his death and children from San Francisco de Sales School.

Don Zatti with friends on a bicycle

Br. Zatti by his bicycle, with two friends at the new Hospital site.

Don Zatti in process bearing the statue of Maria Auxiliadora

Br. Zatti carrying Mary Help of Christians image in one of the pilgrimages to Fortin Mercedes.

Retrato de Don Zatti. 1948

Photograph taken when enrolling at La Plata University.