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World Day for Consecrated Life 02-02-2024

World Day for Consecrated Life is an opportunity to celebrate the gift of consecrated life and pray for men and women discerning a consecrated vocation with the global Catholic Church.

The celebration is attached to the feast of the Presentation of the Lord on 2 February. Consecrated men and women are called to spread the light and love of Jesus Christ through their unique witness of selfless services.

To be a ‘Salesian of Don Bosco’ means to belong to a Catholic organisation of men who dedicate their entire lives to God through generous service to young people, especially those who are poorer and disadvantaged. This way of life entails professing the three vows, living in communities, educating and evangelising young people after the example of Don Bosco. 

There are two modes of being a Salesian: 

The Salesian Priest

A Salesian Priest is a consecrated religious, an ordained minister, a missionary and minister of the young.  

The Salesian Brother 

A Salesian Brother is a consecrated lay religious, who works in a secular field and by his consecrated life proclaims and bears witness to a convinced life of faith and a total dedication to God.   


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The Journey of a Salesian in Formation Process

Becoming a Salesian involves a process of prayer, study, personal and professional formation, and practical experience working with young people. The key steps in the process are:    (Tap | Click to view)

Step 1: Pre-novitiate [6-12 Months]

Initial response to a sense of God’s invitation. ‘Come and See’ approach 

Step 2: Novitiate [1 Year]

A more intense initiation into Salesian religious life, living in community and growing closer to God, culminating in taking first religious vows 

Step 3: Post Novitiate [2-3 Years}

Beginning or continuing formal study to enable one to serve the Church and the young. 

Step 4: Practical Training [2 Years]

A chance to use one’s learning and skills for a significant period in a youth setting, such as a school or youth centre. 

Step 5: Theological Studies [3-4 Years]

Deepening the call, theological reflection, preparing for final religious vows, and, in case of a priestly vocation, ordination to the priesthood 

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MumbaiSalesians' Vocation Promotion has a new logo. It has been launched on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Provincial Father Savio Silveira launched the logo in Mumbai. The meaning and significance of the logo is as under:

Figure of Don Bosco with young people represents Don Bosco’s mission as an apostle – father and teacher of the young.

The circle behind represents the Eucharistic presence of God in the life of Don Bosco.

Followers of Don Bosco believe that the founding of the Salesian Society of Don Bosco was an initiative of God. It was our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit who inspired Don Bosco to work for the salvation of young people.

To join Don Bosco is an invitation to all young people who feel God’s call to work for the poor and disadvantaged youth of our society through the Salesian way of life. In serving the young we constantly renew our youthful zeal and dynamism.  


Colour Yellow - Gold symbolizes God’s holiness.

By carrying out the mission entrusted to us, we find our own way to holiness. (Const. Art. 02)

Following the way of Don Bosco and carrying out the Salesian mission entrusted to us we walk towards holiness. While the circle symbolizes the Eucharistic presence which is the center of our mission, there is also present holiness in each one of us symbolized by the yellow shading in each of the figures.


Through the motherly intervention of Mary, the Holy Spirit raised up St. John Bosco to contribute to the salvation of youth. (Const. Art. 01)

Colour blue indicates the presence of our Blessed Mother in the life of Salesian to work for the salvation of youth. The young person in blue represents the belief that every young person is led to our institutions by our Blessed Mother. 


Colour red symbolizes energy and passion. It also symbolizes the blood of Christ.

Young people are full of energy and passion. Salesians are called to work with them and for them by directing our energies and passions towards Christ. 


Colour green represents renewal, life and growth.

Young people represent life and as Salesians we work towards renewal life and growth of young people in society. 


It is a colour of Don Bosco’s priestly garments. 

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MumbaiSalesians' Vocation animation has designed Vocation Prayer Cards intended for daily use. These will be printed for circulation in the province at a later date. At the moment, these are made available on the official social media handles of the Vocation Animation - Instagram: @joindonboscomumbai & on Facebook: @joindonboscomumbai, and also  on the MumbaiSalesians' official handle on Instagram and Facebook @mumbaisalesians.  

Likewise Vocation Intercessory Prayer cards [for use during community prayer moments],  have also been made available on social media. These too will be printed and sent to the various communities at a late date. 

Please download, forward, share and circulate freely with credit to Join Don Bosco Mumbai & MumbaiSalesians. But, most importantly pray that the Lord of the Harvest may inspire many young souls to follow the Don Bosco Way! 

Click / Tap on the images to View | Download | Print PDF File

Click / Tap on the images to View | Download | Print PDF File


The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is an invitation to imitate the all -consuming love with the ever-aflame heart of Jesus for the salvation of souls. Salesian tradition invites us, after the example of Don Bosco and his successors to have devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and pray for zealous vocational perseverance. 

This is also a wonderful day to ask the Lord of the harvest to inspire and provide an impetus to young people everywhere, desirous of following Christ the Don Bosco Way.  02 Videos: Cor Jesu & Vocation Promo for prayer and accompaniment have  been released on this Solemnity of the Sacred Heart.

Cor Jesu.mp4
Vocation Promotion Video.mp4

MUMBAI SALESIANS  narrate their personal reflections on 'to be a Salesian'. 

Father Crispino D'souza [Rector Don Bosco Matunga & INB Past-Pupils Mentor] 

Where and how do you find fulfilment in your Salesian vocation today?

I find fulfilment in my Salesian vocation today by being present with the people entrusted to me; students, staff, youth, past pupils. I love playing with them, listening to their stories, sharing my stories, just spending time with them.

The role of prayer in your Salesian vocation today?

Prayer has a vital role in my Salesian vocation. I have always connected with God and Our Blessed Mother. It is prayer that gives me strength to carry on especially when things get difficult. God has always been faithful to me. It is I who has let Him down but He forgives and helps me carry on.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Salesian?

Just surrender to God. Be open to Him and He will do wonders with your life.

Father Shekar Mariadas on being a SDB: from a hockey stick to a walking stick

Father Shekar Mariadas [ViceRector & Administrator at St. Dominic Savio Boys' Home Andheri] shares how he finds fulfillment as a Salesian of Don Bosco, the role of prayer in his life, and his advice to young people desirous of becoming a priest, brother or nun.

1. How do you find fulfilment as a Salesian of Don Bosco?

 When I think of finding fulfillment as a Salesian of Don Bosco, I always remember the quote "bloom where you are planted." But for me, it is 'bloom where you are thrown/sent to'. Because when we are planted, we are nurtured, cared for, nourished. But whereas in 'thrown', we find our own nourishment which gives fulfillment. 

2. What is the role of prayer in your life?

Don Bosco believed in short prayers, knowing that young people don't like long prayers. I too believe the same. Short prayers that take very short time, but in deep connection with the Lord. I believe that  God is always watching over me as His child. My special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary keeps me going, makes me happy and inspires me to be faithful. 

3. Any advice for young people thinking of becoming priests, brothers or nuns?

My advice to the young friends who want to be either priests, brothers or nuns is, "Do what you love and you will be happier and better for it." For those wishing to follow Christ, the Don Bosco way, I say to them, "happiness is what all want, so why don't you be happy and be a happy Salesian!"


Father Glenford Lowe narrates his vocation story.

Which nine-year old would understand a sign post that read ‘CHANGE COURSE? In April 1969 we were living in Bellary – Karnataka. I was barely nine, when my elder brother Brian and I were informed by our parents that we would be joining the boarding at St. Bede’s Anglo-Indian school at Chennai in January 1970. To leave home at such a tender age didn’t seem like such a big deal. We literally had half a year’s time to take it in. But then, the tsunami came in. ‘CHANGE COURSE’ was a signpost we found difficult to understand. From Chennai to Mumbai, from the prestigious St. Bede’s Anglo-Indian school to the newly founded St. Dominic Savio Boys’ Home at Andheri was the journey we had to make within a month. Thanks to the intervention of Father Aurelius Maschio who suggested to my grand aunt Beatrice D’Souza that Father  Carlo Restelli, the first Rector, would be happy to have a few Anglo-Indians in the school. My brother Brian, and then later, my younger brother Harry too would join St. Dominic Savio Boys’ Home. We joined St. Dominic Savio Boys’ Home in June 1969. That is 50 golden years ago!

1969- 1976 proved to be years of plenty, without doubt the best in all my life. Seeds of a Salesian Vocation were slowly being planted in my tender heart. I recall with nostalgia, the sense of missionary zeal in Father Carlo Restelli. He was a passionate ‘love bomb’, exploding joy and cheerfulness all around him. His warm loving embrace took a different turn on the playground. Loosing was never his friend. He instilled in us all the need to be constant winners! He fought hard to win, a gift that every Savion treasured. For the next decade or so, Dominic Savio Andheri were ‘Champions’ in the Mumbai sporting arena.

Brother P. M Thomas was the one who most inspired me. He was my ‘guru’ par excellence. He was a smart and professional educator, multi-talented on stage and playground, well organised in office, deeply spiritual and Salesian at heart, a proper disciplinarian and yet one with a heart for the poor and the weak. I always wanted to be a Salesian like him. He was truly my first vocation promoter and model since June 1969!

‘Work and Sacrifice’ are two very Salesian characteristics I picked up. Thanks to Father Salvador Dsouza who taught us the need to ‘dirty’ our hands in constructive work. The concrete roads and the basketball pitches we built at the ‘cost of sacrificing’ our games and recreational time are lessons I treasure today. Years later, I still treasure these Salesian gifts of ‘work and sacrifice’ in my vocation.

A Salesian is a man of prayer. Thanks to Father Victor Dsouza who instilled in my young heart the need for personal prayer. He made our ‘prayer moments’ come alive. I experienced the power of the daily Eucharist, rosary and weekly confession. Like Don Bosco, I too saw miracles before my eyes. I can proudly say, I learnt to spend quiet time every evening in personal prayer – right from my school days from std VIII onwards. This is a practice I still keep today, quiet prayer moments in my busy schedule.

A Salesian heart always beats for the poor, the weak and the orphan. My last two years at St. Dominic Savio’s (1974-76) were the best I will treasure. Thanks to Father Chrysologus D’Cunha, Father Elias Dias and Father Vincent Rasquinha, I really felt ‘called’ to dedicate the rest of my life for the poor youth. The whole atmosphere was that of a ‘home’. I felt loved, respected and given every opportunity to bloom and be responsible. And so, when I was making my annual retreat in STD X, I confided for the very first time to our preacher, Father Wilfred D’Souza that I felt called to be a Salesian. A decision I never regretted.

Today, I am forty years a Salesian, thirty years a Priest and have been twenty years a missionary in Africa. Who I am today is simply because of the many Salesian traits that were generously sowed in my younger days at St. Dominic Savio Andheri by my teachers – especially Mrs. S. Pereira, Mrs. Alexander and Ms Iyer; my fellow companions, and many Salesian priests and brothers. I know, I have left out a lot of names, but everyone did play a vital role in my life to make me the Salesian Priest I am today. May every Salesian institution be a seed bed for Vocations and continue to bless the congregation with many zealous Salesian vocations and our nation with responsible citizens.

All Things to Everyone - Fr Joyston Machado sdb

As Fr Joyston is newly ordained, he reflects on his call to be a Salesian, a priest, ministering to the young. He speaks of the deep impressions made by the significant persons on his journey of faith.

A Part of the Dream 11 - Fr Chris Ferreira sdb

As Fr Chris will be ordained a priest, he reflects on his call to be a Salesian, a priest, ministering to the least, the last and the lost.

Love of God in Action - Fr Alex Carvalho sdb

As Fr Alex is newly ordained, he reflects on his call to be a Salesian, a priest, ministering to the young. He speaks of the love of God constantly guiding him through his parents, his vocation promoter, the Salesian community and the mission with the poorest. 

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