Who is Zatti

Artemide Zatti was born on 12 October 1880 in Italy, and died on 15 March 1951 at Viedma, Argentina. As a Salesian religious brother, he became a saint by running a hospital and pharmacy for the sick poor for 40 years in Viedma, Argentina. He was known as the 'Holy Nurse of Patagonia'.

In running the hospital, Artemide also depended entirely on Providence and the generosity of the people. In his 40 years of dedicated service, he found in his religious life with its periods of prayer and community life the secret of balancing the daily tasks of administering the hospital and pharmacy, taking care of patients inside and outside the hospital. Despite the demands of the sick and the needs of the hospital, Artemide was known for his "Salesian joy", a sign of his holiness for those around him.

From an immigrant to a believer, from a pharmacist to a saint: join us on this epic story of the life of Artemide Zatti. It is indeed a proud moment for the Salesian congregation. It is a proud moment for the Catholic Church.

That the church recognises the holiness of Zatti is proof that anyone can be a saint: even a poor, simple, pharmacist and nurse who lived in humility and service.